25 Ways To Make Writing Books Fun

"My daddy said that we needed more ways to make writing books fun. So we made a list. We hope you like it, and that you become a Super Kids Book Author!” - Phoenix Crane

"For many kids, (and adults), writing is often times their least favorite subject. We want to share with you 25 of our favorite ways to make writing books fun.” - Trevor Crane

First of all, there are 3 rules to writing Super Kids Books:

  • There Is No Work Allowed!
  • Find Ways To Have Fun & Play Only
  • Setup Goals And Rewards So It’s More Fun To Finish

Now that we've covered that... here's the list. Enjoy!


Ways To Make Writing Books Fun:

  • Setup a goal a reward for finishing (get a new toy, take a trip, eat a ChacoTaco)
  • List what you love most and write about that
  • Write with a friend
  • Dress up with a friend and take photos (like a fashion show)
  • Make a movie
  • Dress up your parents and take pictures of them looking funny
  • Write short fun stories
  • Be silly and make up really-silly stories, with crazy things happening
  • Draw your own pictures (but don’t use "too” many pictures… it’s fun to do “some" art, but if you do too much it's starts to work)
  • Draw on your computer or iPad
  • Play video games and create a story about it
  • Play mine craft with your daddy (and then he’ll try to turn that into a story…)
  • Tell stories and play games in the car
  • Tell a group story where you each take a turn to tell part of the story
  • Use “fancy” words, instead of “boring” words
  • Make up your own words
  • Use creative spelling (Give them the freedom to just write/draw without over correcting spellings, letter formation, etc. There are times to correct spelling, and grammar, and handwriting, but keep book-writing fun, and let it stay in a “judgment free zone”.
  • Turn a game you love to play into a book
  • Watch a movie or YouTube video and plan a story with ideas you get from it
  • Make funny selfie-videos with your toys
  • Read a book for ideas for your own story
  • Turn school homework into a book
  • Sing a song and turn it into a book
  • Listen to musical while you draw
  • Play board games or play with toys or Legos, and turn your stories into your book

By Phoenix & Trevor Crane

To find out more about how "you" can become a Super Kids Book Author, click here: www.superkidsbooks.com/author

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