8-Year-Old Becomes #1 Bestselling Author

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you were truly amazed by the life you have brought into the world? If yes, then you will know what I am talking about when I say that I have that same feeling about twice to thrice in a day when I look at my daughter, Phoenix. From the moment she was born, I knew that there was something about my little girl and that she was going to do things in the world, which others had only dreamt of doing. Today, I am proud to say that I am the father of an 8-year old, who has taken the world by a storm and will continue to do so for as long as she lives (which is forever of course).

The journey to The Three Ninja Kitties started small. Though it seemed like a child’s idea (which it was) in the beginning, I soon began to see that the creative stories that my daughter was coming up with had a lot of scope. In the 8-years since she had become a part of my life, I realized that Phoenix had the uncanny ability to capture everything she saw around herself and turn it into pure magic. Much like other children, she too liked to talk to imaginary friends and tell me about the stories which were forming in her mind. Soon, I began to notice that she had a knack for storytelling and that she could be one of the best writers one day. However, never did I think that she would turn into a star at the age of 8.​

Phoenix proved to me that people who say that writing is challenging are just not trying hard enough because she did it flopped over on her stomach, and dictating the entire thing into my iPhone. She drew all the pictures herself and that too, on the kitchen table with a pencil in hand. She didn’t need a laptop or an adult to tell her how she should sketch because she knew that everything she was doing was perfect.

Today, I am here to tell you how you too can become a writer. However, before we get started with that, let’s talk about the two amazing pieces that my daughter has created.

The 3 Ninja Kittens: The Legend Begins

This simply crafted yet wonderful tale is about three kitties that get separated from their mom and from each other because of a villain dog. In the frenzy of being separated from their mom, the kitties flee in different directions and end up being raised by three mice who raised them on their own. As fate would have, the three kitties learn ninja skills while in the care of the mice and are faced with the terrible and horrible dog who was responsible for their separation. To read what happens when the kittens are faced with the dog, read the book that 8-year old Phoenix has written.

Though some details needed to be figured out, the entire story was created and crafted by Phoenix, who wouldn’t let the world or anyone else in it stop her. As I sit here reading her books over and over, I feel like it was only yesterday when I was changing her diapers and she was saying ‘daddy’ for the first time.​

Though time goes by like a bullet train, I am thankful to anyone and everyone who has supported my child in her ideas and inspirations. Looking at how she is growing into a beautiful, confident and thoughtful young woman, I can tell you that she is the one who constantly inspires me.​

She has taught me the value of today and all that you can do with it if you just believe in yourself and your goals.​

Kitty Wars: The Revenge of the Three Kitties

Once her first book was published and liked, phoenix started to get ideas of another book as well. But this one was quite different from the first because it would require a lot of hard work from me and many other grownups as well. What does this mean? Well, one faithful day when Phoenix was drawing the first picture of her second book, she said to me, “daddy, I don’t want to draw any more, can we just make a movie instead? I want to ‘BE’ a ninja kitty”. Now when she said this, the adult me thought that this filming would require me chasing my daughter around and capturing it all in my iPhone.

Little did I know that my daughter had a completely different idea in her creative mind of hers.

Though she let me believe that chasing her around our garden would be something, which we would be doing, our small team of two began to grow exponentially when she hired her friends to play the role of the other kitties. Before I knew what I was happening, we had a 5-day movie shoot, which involved at least 30 other families, Star Wars costumes (which by-the-way cost more than a lot) and 7 professionals from the film industry.In the end of it all, I knew that all the effort that went into making the movie was worth everything in the world because it brought a smile to my daughter’s face and happiness into her small world.

What You Have To Do To Become a Best Selling Author

Are you someone who loves to tell interesting stories? If yes, then you have a writer and storyteller within yourself. Here’s what you have to do to bring that part of your personality out.

Believe in Yourself

No matter where you live or how old you are, always remember that you have the ability to change the world with your words and stories. Believe that you too can create and compose amazing stories like Phoenix and you will complete half of your journey. Remember to always tell your stories, to your parents, your siblings or even your friends. Though it may take some courage in the beginning, you will realize that everyone is not just attracted but attached to the stories you tell!

Involve an Adult

Your best friend and motivator will always be your mother, father, or another grownup that you look up to. Always remember to talk about your ideas and imagination to this person because though you will be the storyteller, the grownups can help turn your dream into a reality, so you can be a star as well!

Don’t let Anyone Put You Down

One of the worst things, which you can do, is to let yourself be put down by someone else. No matter what people say, you have to remember to remain steadfast as far as your goals and objectives are concerned. 

Every one of you has a light within yourselves and it is important that you bring it out and show it to the world. So don’t let anyone or anything demotivate you.

Accept Failures

Our journey of creating ‘The 3 Kitties’ and ‘Kitty Wars’ was anything but easy. Though it didn’t take a lot for phoenix to write it, the entire process of publishing took a lot of effort. So, learn from others and remember never to give up. Though you will be faced with failures, always stand upright and move on after accepting it. There are examples of hundreds of writers who were rejected by various publishers but then someone recognized the worth of their work.Both Phoenix and I are glad that we got to be a part of your life. As always, my daughter is full of fresh ideas and who knows, you might even have a chance to read another book created, written and acted by her! Until then, bring something out of your own imaginations and believe that you can also be a bestselling author!

A Note for all the Parents

As the father if this amazing little girl, I suggest that everyone who has kids take the time to really connect and communicate with their child. There is a world of creativity within your child’s mind and it is your responsibility to bring that forward so he or she can shine. 

Always support your child because you are the only ones who can help them grow into something spectacular. Let these little ones guide your way and you’ll realize that they have the power to inspire and make you proud.

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