How My 9-Year Old Daughter Writes Her Books

Is 2017 going to be the year you get your book done?

I hope so.

From October 1st - through Dec 31st, the Crane Family pre-launched 10 books. I posted about it on Facebook Live, every day (92 days in a row).

I talked about my progress. I shared when brought on new clients who were working on books. I bragged about THEIR books, and my daughters new books. I celebrated our new #1 bestsellers.

I broadcast from the back of a snowmobile, on the top of a glacier, in Iceland when my wife and I were on our 9th honeymoon.

This year, my daughter and I have a new mission.

We want to help 100+ kids become kids book authors.

Today, I'm geeking out about some of my daughters new books.

We are in the process of formatting, and finishing artwork on 2 of her books that were PRE-SOLD in 2016.

Did you know you can PRE-sell a book?

(Yes, you can PRE-sell a book.)

Yes, BEFORE it is completed.

I'm sharing the image below, because I'm so PROUD of my little girl.

AND, I'm also so proud of our process that helps people get this done.

I STRUGGLED for 20+ years, NOT writing my book.

I'd add it to my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION... and NOT get it done.

It felt... not good.

If you've ever thought of writing a kids book, hopefully, 2017 is your year.

If you want some help... we're here.

We help people write their book.

We help you publish it.

We help you become a bestseller.

We help you with EVERY phase of getting it done RIGHT.

Getting it done FAST.

If you would, please give me some love, comments, or shares about my daughters silly drawings.

I'm just a dad GEEKING out on his awesome kid.

Feeling so proud and grateful today.

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Talk to you soon!

Be great,


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